On-Site Services

On-Site Services

Our experienced team provide excellent on-site customer service for all events.

We are able to provide lifting, storage, logistical services and assistance to help ensure your event runs effortlessly.

Our On-Site Handling Services include:

  • Unloading from vehicles and delivery to stand
  • Reloading back onto vehicles at the close of the show
  • Re-lifting and positioning of exhibits, using necessary lifting equipment
  • Provision of lifting equipment to assist in stand erection


Collection, interim storage and the return of empty boxes before, during and after the event.

Warehouse Storage

We are also able to offer long and short-term storage at our secure warehouse facility in Essex.

Our storage option is Ideal for exhibitors and contractors who don’t have the room to store their equipment, or as a temporary overspill warehouse.

Goods can also be stored in between shows.