The Secrets of Mona Lisa

The Secrets of Mona Lisa

GT Exhibitions were appointed to manage the full logistical requirements for the detailed and delicate process of the travelling exhibition of the ‘Secrets of Mona Lisa’ from Paris to the United States of America.

The exhibition itself consists of the world’s only exact replica – a 360 degree walk around piece.

GT Exhibitions, working closely with our partners in France and the United States, were entrusted with the full responsibility of moving The Mona Lisa from Paris, France to the Fort Smith Art museum in Arkansas, USA.

The exhibition showcases the latest and most sophisticated technology and trends for art historians and curators to catalogue, understand, restore and authenticate fine art.

At GT Exhibitions, we consider all the options available for the very best and cost effective service. We make ourselves available 24/7 to ensure your project exceeds your expectations.

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